Knitting Seriously

I had a pleasant surprise in the mail today, my new issue of Interweave Knitting arrived.  The patterns were not my favorites, but the last article did capture my attention.  It was a nice reminder as to why I am writing this blog.  It is a welcome feeling to read an article that is so relatable.  My hope is that someone reading will have the same pleasant experience as they read what I write.

It also made me think of why I knit and why I love that my kids have at times had interest in knitting.  Right now it’s my girls that have taken up an interest  and it is refreshing seeing the joy of a well-knit row.  My youngest Emma, likes to announce each stitch she finishes and regularly counts them to make sure she has the right number; she has the makings of a meticulous knitter.  Ruth, my older daughter, has a completely different take on knitting, shrugging off mistakes but willing to adjust her project and create something new.  Seeing how each of them as taken to knitting in their own way, makes me realize how relaxing it can be when we adopt our own style.

Now I am adopting a new style, as I explore a whole new area of knitting, as I consider selling on a regular basis and as I reconsider how much time I will give to my new adventure.   Knitting has become a great distraction and I, like my daughter Ruth and her knitting, have to take my life and adjust my outlook.  My foot prognosis was not at all what I expected and now I have to consider a more sedate life, realizing there are going to be more times when I am off my feet than I had previously expected.  Time to take my knitting more seriously, and see where this takes me.


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  1. #1 by agujasblog on July 25, 2012 - 6:41 PM

    That’s so sweet that your girls are learning to knit so young. I have fond memories of crocheting by my grandmother’s side. Alas, I don’t think my teenage boy is going to try it.

    • #2 by wendellamy on July 25, 2012 - 6:51 PM

      My grandma taught me too, and is a big part of why I taught my kids. My older boys didn’t try to knit, until they were bored to death in China. My oldest made a few scarves and started slippers, and they all had good intentions to make some gifts but alas they lost interest… might have been because we got a new wii adapter that worked in China 🙂

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