Storage Wars

I really thought I was going to organize my knitting….yesterday.  Now, it is like an itch I can’t scratch.  The weather is making my foot ache, bad enough I’m stuck propping it up.  You would think I would take this opportunity to knit, but instead I am frustrated and consumed by thoughts of clutter. I would love to be on my feet searching the aisles of Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, Target, or even out hitting the garage sales, looking for the perfect piece of furniture to store my yarn in.  Instead, here I sit drowning in skeins of yarn, lost in my knitting needles, typing on the laptop.  I wish I was more productive and not drowning in my sorrows of what cannot be.  I really just need to pick the needles and find a show.  As long as the remote doesn’t find it’s way to HGTV and confuse my thoughts even more.


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