sidelined by a sleeper

occasionally there are times when a request is made and projects are put on hold for just one more knitted item. This is one of those times and what I came up with was a knitted sleeper. My mom has these tiny baby dolls with soft vinyl bodies that were in desperate need of soft cute outfits. Unfortunately, finding an appropriate pattern was awkward to say the least. I finally decided to adapt a Barbie sweater pattern, elongating the body and adjusting the diameter, to make a sweater-sleeper. I might attempt a matching hat, but first I have to finish the dreaded job of sewing in loose threads…….my least favorite of all knitting projects. This is the first of what is to be many little knitted objects for these little babies. I think I will squeeze them in between my other projects to break up the monotony, I am not quite as confident with doll clothes as I am with real baby clothes, but I do enjoy a challenge.



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