Bountiful Baskets!!!

I made baskets!  I love these baskets.  I bought myself a pound of off-white cotton yarn and I have been whipping up these baskets.  Three different sizes, and at this point I should admit to only making three, but I am well on my way to stocking my soon to be 5 bathrooms with baskets.  The coolest thing about these baskets is that I can throw them in the wash when they are dirty and I don’t have to worry about ruining them.   They can get wet!  How cool is that?  Have I done a good job marketing these yet????  They really are fun little baskets.  I am actually down to two baskets, because I gave one to my mom.  As it turns out, the middle size basket fit perfectly into my mom’s very expensive woven basket.  I don’t know the name of the basket, but for those basket lovers out there,  it is that expensive kind, haha, obviously I don’t collect them.  I will be collecting my knit ones though, if I don’t give them all away.  Notice a theme here, I am not so good at holding on to my knitting, don’t you wish you were my neighbor???

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