Emma’s purple hat of curls

How did you do this??? I had to laugh when my 5-year-old daughter blurted this out upon examining the hat I was knitting.  I had just pulled out a skein and was knitting on a whim when this apparently magical creation began to form.  She loves her purple hat with curls.  Well, not actual curls, but cables.  I do like her description better but it might be because I am partial to her.  The pattern is originally intended for babies and knit with dk yarn, but I changed it up and grabbed my size 9 needles and whipped out some worsted weight yarn.  I love the results, better yet my daughter loves the results.  I wish I had snapped a picture of her walking into Michael’s with her purple sweater dress, courtesy of Justice and coincidentally matching purple cable knit hat.  The stop was of course for the convenience of their restrooms and the lovely yarn we just had to walk past on our way out.  We couldn’t use the restroom without purchasing something, and my older daughter, Ruth, really wants her own hat, so yarn HAD to be purchased, really.  With my husband’s help, he found his way in to browse and of course purchase some dipping pens, nibs and ink, ( He will have to get his own blog to explain that obsession. ) Ruth was able to find the correct yarn.  It was choosing a color that consumed most of the time, which shade of pink would be best??  Needless to say, she is happy to see her pink hat cast on my needles and hopefully, patiently awaits its finish.   I hope she likes her pink hat of curls!

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