My Easter Basket…..sort of

While resting my sore foot, I actually finished my holiday knitting. It seems that every time I get in the mood and choose a project the holiday, or season has come and gone before I can even display or use them. This year I made it with time to spare. It helped that my husband went on a business trip. I always seem to get a lot of knitting done when he’s out of town…must be a stress reliever when I am on my own with all six kids. Now that they are older bed times have only gotten worse, my preteens and teens just want to hang out, so I knit. This year, I made myself at least a dozen eggs out of some of my favorite yarn. The best part is that it took just over an hour per egg so I had many moments of accomplishment. It feels really good to have finished something, this time I got to experience it many times over and enjoy the view of my bowl of eggs.


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