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Thick and Thin Lace scarf

I was contacted by a woman at church and asked if I could make a knit scarf. She will be playing the part of a professional knitter. (I wonder if that makes me a professional knitter). I was flattered of course and immediately started looking at my options. I gave her some choices of pattern and yarn I had on hand. I love her choice. The pattern came out beautifully in the yarn she chose. I probably wouldn’t have chosen this yarn, but I really like the result. I even managed to knit the scarf longer than I typically do. I always seem to want to bind off sooner than I should but this time I stuck with it. This project really kept me excited about my knitting. I think I might not ever quit the knitting; it has stuck with me through thick and thin.

The pattern


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Fun little pattern

My friend stopped by while I was participating in our neighborhood’s annual garage sale and showed me this fun little pattern. I managed to knit up two little tea-clutches and selling most of what we put out. I haven’t knitted in awhile and this was just the project to inspire me again. Having a couple finished projects and getting rid of a lot of needless items, it was a good day. Here is a link to the free pattern.
tea toters


Just as I was getting ready to take the picture a piece of the button broke off.

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