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I have been busy! Busy tying up a lot of loose ends, well, maybe more like sewing in a lot of loose ends. My least favorite part of projects has always been the finishing. I hated sewing in all those loose ends. This week, I actually enjoyed it. I had a nice little pile and it felt really good to see what I had accomplished. It was good for my soul to see the finished product, instead of a stack reminding me of my procrastination. Maybe it is worth it to finish a bunch at once. I seem to have forgotten the mistakes I saw in the projects, the portions my tension may have loosened or tightened, I couldn’t recognize them as quickly. Finally, I could look at my projects as a whole finished work of art, rather than seeing my flaws. I sometimes wonder if our own flaws distract us from closer relationship with God and others, and if we could just step back and appreciate the whole image and be thankful for what we have. I have been very focused on my foot this past week, as it has caused me a great deal of pain. Now, I want to rest in the assurance of how far I’ve come this summer, instead of comparing to where I’ve been. Not an easy task. For now I will enjoy my stack of finished knitting, and appreciate that it’s not my hands that are hurting, just my foot.


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