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I have to admit something.  I haven’t posted in awhile because I haven’t knitted much lately, simply because I am too tired most days to knit.  This road to recovery is a slow bumpy road.  Small setbacks, sore muscles, fitting my prosthetic–all things that have made this a difficult time to write without depressing rants….I will try to keep this depressing rant short.  I am still around working on a pair of socks and a hat, it’s just slow going at the moment.  Today is a beautiful snow day and I get to knit and enjoy a movie, and update my blog.  I will enjoy today, even if I had to cancel my last rehab appointment.  Only one more to go then a home program and later I will return to therapy to get running again.  Now I just need to light my fire, pick up my knitting and enjoy my movie.

If only I had to sets of hands to speed up my knitting ūüôā  


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I haven’t been on in awhile as I have begun physical therapy.   Learning to walk with a prosthetic is hard work.  Well, today was the first time in a long time (I can’t even remember the last time) that I didn’t bring any knitting, and it’s the first time I showed up an hour early for my appointment.  So on this very busy day I have an hour with nothing to do so I am updating the blog with no knitting.  How pitiful.  

At least I’ll post a picture of my current leg that I have shrunk out of, new leg soon, I hope!


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So as I am going through the process of getting my first prosthetic leg, I am distracting myself with mindless knitting–back to the garter stitch.  I did add a little bit of design just to keep it interesting and I will post a pattern later.  I happen to have a garbage bag full of pillows from IKEA just waiting for covers.  Extra cotton yarn that is coming out my ears sealed the deal.  The cotton washcloth yarn knit up extremely soft pillow, my kids love it.  So I am making a second pillow this time in their school colors.  

Here’s the first pillow


 And here are som crocheted hacky sacks that have also kept me distracted through the waiting and resting between fittings


And here is me trying out my test leg, I won’t be able to take my leg home for a week or two but I did get to walk some. 


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Pretending to be Patient

I may seem patient on the outside, but I am full of anxiety, excitement, and anticipation as I wait for my new prosthetic leg. ¬†It has been a long summer, knitting has distracted me for the most part, but always there ¬†are nagging emotions just waiting to explode. ¬†In less than a week, I get my test socket. ¬†School has started life is falling into a routine and I wait. ¬†One more week and I can take normal steps, probably just a few as my stump toughens up. ¬†I want to watch my boys run cross-country, walking from checkpoint to checkpoint cheering them on rather than sitting in a wheelchair or riding a scooter. ¬†I hate being dependent on others and actually look forward to cleaning my house. ¬†But I can’t yet, soon. ¬†I wait and knit. ¬†I am finishing some projects, things I lined up before surgery to give me purpose through the recovery process. ¬†Socks, pillows, washcloths and hanging towels have been most of my projects. ¬†Now if only the anticipation¬†didn’t weigh so heavy on me, I might enjoy them. ¬†For now, they are just a distraction as I pretend to be patient.

Casting my leg so my prosthetic can be made, less than a week until my test socket is finished. 

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Pandora, knitting, homeschooling….I think I’m ADD….here I sit with two knitting projects at my side and a daughter with her text book all vying for attention. (Oh and a screeching chicken I confiscated from my younger kids). I’m not sure my coffee is strong enough to get me through the day. I started by forgetting to take my medicine at 6:00 AM, because it is my largest dose of the day, I am now playing catch up on pain relief and cannot wear my prosthetic. So I’m distracting myself as much as possible. I love that knitting can distract me from the discomfort. I at least have this in the midst of it all.
My attention seekers….


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