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Well, it looks like I will need to come up with more projects for after my surgery. In my eagerness to see the finished Sunshadow Tam pattern, just the tam but I am just about to cast-on the gloves. Looks like I need to make a trip to the yarn shop. I really should replace a couple needle tips that broke and maybe get a little knitting inspiration from the countless samples. I’m really horrible at this planning ahead for my knitting, I keep knitting everything I buy for the post-op recovery time. Maybe that should be my New Years resolution, better knitting planning skills? and learning more about photography so my knitting isn’t corrupted by my poor picture taking.
The Tam




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Downton Abbey

I really think an absolutely wonderful way to spend a snowy afternoon must include knitting, coffee, a glowing fireplace and a pleasant show, such as Downton Abbey. I have especially enjoyed these last few days of Christmas break as my husband and I finish the evening or afternoon with a couple (or a few) episodes. There is something relaxing about the dialogue. Just enough intrigue to make you watch at least one more episode than planned. Both my husband and I enjoy witty banter and the grandmothers provide plenty to keep us chuckling. It’s too bad there are not more episodes per season so I could prolong the pleasant interludes in our very busy lives. It’s nice to just check out for a time and just enjoy each others company.

This is the Sunshadow Tam I had to start (I just couldn’t resist the yarn any longer)

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