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My enormous afghan

I just thought I would post something about my favorite afghan.  This is probably one of the most convincing reasons people should check gauge before knitting, however despite my grievous error, I love the results.  This blanket suits our family perfectly in spite of its crazy dimensions.  This afghan measures approximately 4 ft by 6 ft, the longer being the width.  This is a favorite for the kids because no one gets left out on the couch, no need to worry it covers everyone’s laps.  My husband, who is over 6 ft tall, likes to lay under because it actually covers his tall frame.  My least favorite part, has nothing to do with the blanket itself, as much as how difficult the last foot was to knit due to the weight of this wool blanket.  I think I like it all the more, because of the perseverance it required to finish.


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Kitchen Nightmare

So I decided to start a mitered dish towel for my mom.  Not a good idea, while on painkillers.  I think I took out the same rows 2 or 3 times….it’s still a little foggy so my count could be off.  I think this is the slowest project I have knit in years…..focus Amy!!  Thankfully I am nearly done and might even surprise my mom with it, as a gift for their final walk through on their new home.  It was knit to celebrate her new choice in kitchen decor that I have to say, I love.  It’s about time she picked blue, my favorite color.  I do believe I still have nightmares about the 70’s orange kitchen of my childhood, fully equipped with orange Tupperware, orange-flowered wallpaper and I can’t recall but I am pretty sure the curtains were orange too.  My favorite room in the house, the color of the one fruit I don’t particularly like.  Now, after all these years,  I’m now 15 years married, my mom has finally come to her senses and picked the best color ever.  I am really looking forward to helping her decorate the kitchen….the rest of the house she is on her own, unless she wants a knit afghan.

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