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Quick Gift

So I decided to make a quick gift for my niece.  A doll bib, I downsized the pattern a bit, added some of the smelly yarn and voila I have a gift.  Hope it fits at least one of her dolls.   Now if only wrapping was so easy.



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A Smelly Bib

Have you seen the smelly yarn from Sugar’n Cream, oops, I mean scented.  It brought be me right back to childhood and reminded me of a strawberry shortcake doll.  Do you remember those dolls?  I didn’t even realize I had bought the smelly yarn, until my friend pointed out the balls of yarn at Michaels.  I wasn’t sure what to make with it.  The color is why I had bought it, a vibrant pink, almost red.  I have been waiting for inspiration to hit and it has.   I have transformed the smelly yarn into a smelly bib.  Using “Hot Green” as contrast with the I-cord ribbing and ties. I think the combination is adorable and can’t imagine any baby not willing to model it, well maybe a baby boy would resist but the smell might just make him give it a try.  So here is the big reveal of the adorable smelly bib.

Here is a link to the pattern….

and a link to the designers blog


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