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We are in the midst of moving, again. We tallied up the number of moves, this makes, it is our the eleventh move my husband and I have made in our 15 years of marriage. The last 5 years have been particularly difficult, as we have made 5 moves in 5 years. I am really tired of losing track of my knitting projects and thankfully this move will probably open new doors to my knitting world. We will actually be settling down in what will be the most spacious home to date. I will actually be able to see all my books and yarn….no more boxes stacked in closets!  This has been our least anticipated move, because of how fresh in our minds packing and unpacking is, however, this will probably be our most rewarding move, as we establish some roots in our new community. Each move has introduced me to new aspects of knitting and I really look forward to all the new things I will learn with this move. I love that there is always something new to learn!


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Courtly cables

I happened to be at the courthouse for moral support for my sister who is going through a divorce, when I realized I had no cable needle and really wanted to make this cute cable hat. I first found a used sucker stick in my purse, which worked although frustratingly it didn’t allow the yarn to slip off, the stick may have been a little sticky. I then, aggravated myself even more, by losing my sticky replacement. I decided to ask my sister in desperation, not very supportive am I?? No luck there, she checked her purse, but unfortunately she had just cleaned it out the day before, at that moment her attorney said she had a paperclip if that would help. She instantly became my best friend. The paper clip worked beautifully, allowing the stitches to slide on and off without a hitch, and the curve kept me from dropping the stitches prematurely. I let the attorney know that she would be making my blog, being one of my most interesting knitting rescue stories to date.

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coffee cozy or wristwarmer

Okay, I have written another pattern…and this time I even came up with multiple uses for it.

coffee wristwarmer

size 7 circular or double point needles
vanna’s choice yarn

cast-on 41 stitches
join round by knitting the last stitch together with the first, k2, p2 *k3,p2* repeat * around.
round 2: k3, p2 around
repeat this for 14 more rounds
bind off in pattern.

cut yarn and weave in ends…..enjoy a cup of coffee.

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knitting pattern

Just thought I would attempt to post my first pattern…..

Bulky Rolled Rim Newborn Hat
Hometown USA Lion brand yarn
size 13 circular and/or double point needles

Cast on 25 stitches.
slip last stitch to front needle and knit 2 together. continue to knit in the round. 24 st
continue to knit to 5 inches approximately 15 rounds.
decrease for crown
round 1: knit 2, knit 2 together, repeat around 18 stitches
round 2: knit
round 3: knit 1, knit 2 together, repeat to end of round, 12 stitches
round 4: knit
round 5: knit 2 together around, 6 stitches
cut yarn about 12 inches from last stitch, slip stitches with yarn, pull tight, weave in ends.

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A little Espresso with my Robin’s Egg

About a month ago, I came across a very unique shade of brown.  I did not buy it, pause a moment to appreciate my self-control, but I never forgot it.  While knitting the black and neon green dish cloth, towel, and swiffer cover, I thought of a lighter green I had seen somewhere but couldn’t remember where.  I found the light green, called Robin’s Egg.   As soon as I picked it up, with no self-control whatsoever, I knew I needed to go back to JoAnn’s and buy the brown yarn.  Nothing feels better than finding a reason to buy the yarn I so carefully reasoned myself out of buying.  I love the results, not sure who will benefit from this lovely combination, but I knew I had to see the two colors together.  The espresso  brown, compliments the mint green beautifully.

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