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Wooly summer

So I am making a pair of wool socks, an early birthday gift, for my dad.  I have already made wool socks for my brother, sister and mother.  My dads birthday falls in July and I know that I never think of wool socks in the summer, so I checked it out.  I googled it. Yup, I googled “wool socks in summer” or something like that.  Right away expensive wool socks pop up, exhorting the superiority of wool verses cotton socks.  Because the wool wicks away moisture, runners or athletes feet remain comfortable.  I think wool socks will become a regular gift from me.  Of course for the summer months I am going to stick with smaller needles and finer yarn so the socks will be thinner socks.

My first summer dress socks for my dad


The pattern I am using,

Hedge row socks


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Sock scraps

   For a long time the sock scrap pattern that is popular on ravelry has caught my eye.  I finally decided to use my scraps from my sock knitting binge I have been on the last few months.  I looked up patterns, two caught my eye.  I looked at the samples from people’s projects.  Wow!  Thousands of blankets have been knit.  I found a knitters notes on the pattern and her blanket had such crisp lines. 

    I have taken her advice and started my squares.  I love the results.  This is going to be fun to watch take shape and to have evidence of the socks somewhere other than a basket.  I tend to give away the socks i knit so having a blanket with a piece of each will be fun.

This is the pattern I chose

And this is the example I loved


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Socks and Spring

Spring is sneaking up on me just as I am really getting in a great groove knitting socks.  By the time I finish my planned socks projects, those receiving them are going to be thinking of spring and summer.  Oh well, I have never been great at knitting in season.  I will probably be working on my summer projects well into fall and my Christmas projects well into January.  Oh well, at least I am enjoying the knitting. 

My current project

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