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So as I am going through the process of getting my first prosthetic leg, I am distracting myself with mindless knitting–back to the garter stitch.  I did add a little bit of design just to keep it interesting and I will post a pattern later.  I happen to have a garbage bag full of pillows from IKEA just waiting for covers.  Extra cotton yarn that is coming out my ears sealed the deal.  The cotton washcloth yarn knit up extremely soft pillow, my kids love it.  So I am making a second pillow this time in their school colors.  

Here’s the first pillow


 And here are som crocheted hacky sacks that have also kept me distracted through the waiting and resting between fittings


And here is me trying out my test leg, I won’t be able to take my leg home for a week or two but I did get to walk some. 



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Bountiful Baskets!!!

I made baskets!  I love these baskets.  I bought myself a pound of off-white cotton yarn and I have been whipping up these baskets.  Three different sizes, and at this point I should admit to only making three, but I am well on my way to stocking my soon to be 5 bathrooms with baskets.  The coolest thing about these baskets is that I can throw them in the wash when they are dirty and I don’t have to worry about ruining them.   They can get wet!  How cool is that?  Have I done a good job marketing these yet????  They really are fun little baskets.  I am actually down to two baskets, because I gave one to my mom.  As it turns out, the middle size basket fit perfectly into my mom’s very expensive woven basket.  I don’t know the name of the basket, but for those basket lovers out there,  it is that expensive kind, haha, obviously I don’t collect them.  I will be collecting my knit ones though, if I don’t give them all away.  Notice a theme here, I am not so good at holding on to my knitting, don’t you wish you were my neighbor???

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