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The Finished Penguin

Finally done. Slightly annoyed, not the patterns fault my own. My knitting today is suffering from my distraction. So many stupid errors, so many rounds redone. I’m aching today and I really need to stick to simple patterns on days like today. Unfortunately my son needed the gift for tonight so I carried on. Now I can relax and return the hat I am knitting.



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Topsy-Turvy Crazy

I’ve gone Topsy-Turvy crazy. I love these toys. I found the book hidden in the back of a yarn shop, on the bottom shelf pushed to the back. Obviously, after such hard work just to find it, it was meant for me. I realize I no longer have babies or toddlers, but I do get visitors and I am determined to have a basket of these toys sitting by my fireplace. Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys is amazing. The detail that Susan B. Anderson goes into is awesome. Her directions are specific and in the end they are so creatively simple I wish I had thought of them myself. I love her designs and she always goes the extra mile to make things perfect. These were so much fun to make. For now, I have a snowman/Christmas Tree, pigs-in-a-blanket, penguin/egg (or snowball, which everyone prefers to say) and on the needles the hen/fox. I love, love, love these!











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