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I am sorry it has taken me so long to post about my surgery.  The surgery went awesome, smoother and quicker than the Dr had anticipated.  He was able to perform the exact same surgery just before mine, which is very rare. A relief to me too, since my surgery was just his third of this particular procedure.  (Well, worth it, if it heals properly it should be the strongest type of stump that can be formed via amputation.). My healing process has been great, nothing at all compared to my first amputation as I am learning now, was considered a traumatic amputation making recovering much more difficult.  I am being well taken care of, a nurse visits my home 3 days a week to help us change my dressings, it takes two people to properly put on the shrinker sock without causing more than necessary pain.  (Staples+Shrinker sock=very unpleasant).  My oldest two sons (17 and 15) and my husband take turns helping the nurse apply the Shrinker sock.   Everything is healing well, I haven’t counted but it looks like around 32 staples that remain for three weeks.  Once a week my physical therapist comes out to help me stay strong and prepare for my prosthetic.  He was originally suppose to come more often, but seeing my six kids and the exercise equipment I already owned, he felt once a week is plenty, which makes me happy, less poking and prodding.  My kids have stepped up for the most part, but being kids they do on occasion take advantage of the fact that I am not up and about and break the rules that kids abhor (such as no eating in the living room–I gave up on that one a long time ago but I’m pretty sure this one will give my husband a heart attack 😊). So all is well, I’m not knitting as much as I would like to, I sleep at odd hours and I’m back to watching anything since I’ve already watched everything.  Thank you for your prayers and concern!  I am getting more excited each day as my strength increases my medicine decreases and I’m a day closer to getting a new leg!   Thanks again and I hope you all have a great day!

PS even though the knitting has slowed my knitting list increases by the hour, there are so ma y things I want to make right now….next time I’ll share some!


first time up in a chair after surgery


my youngest and I get ting comfortable today


this is my sons joke, he had us laughing do hard……”that moment when you realize your arm is gone”



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What I should be doing is getting my home ready for my 8 weeks in a wheelchair but instead I’m typing after a day of knitting.  I am nervous and dreading the impending pain as I avoid thinking about my surgery to remove my right lower leg.  A year from now will be great with many more opportunities than I have now but having most of my foot amputated already makes me just too aware of the process.  So I knit.  Anklets, two at a time and toe up.  The color is cheerful and bold.  Maybe a little boldness in color will keep me bold in spirit as I put off my  preparations.  Just a few more days….Tuesday morning my summer of rest begins.


Wednesday’s socks


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I have decided to knit more this year. By Knit more I mean have at least one possibly two surgeries. First my hysterectomy in January. I am stock piling yarn like there’s no tomorrow, not really, because there’s no need to–I already have. So I just need to mentally prepare myself….patterns are accumulating. The second surgery will come later but I have decided I would like to pursue the mid-calf amputation for quality of life. I was waiting until I was sure before I would tell people that is what I would do. I’m finally sure and very much at peace with the decision, and that was what I was waiting for–the peace. So now I feel ready for the next year….for now.
My projects I’m excited about….

And yes the last one is right….pretty much going to have fun searching patterns and posting on ravelry…..Happy New Year!

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