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Time to Knit

I have decided to blog about my knitting.  Time to knit, to me is a big play on words.  I have six children, whom I home school, so finding time to knit can be difficult.   Right now I find I have too much time to knit.  A vascular tumor was found in my foot, and I have to keep it up until we can figure out how to treat it.  This has given me a lot more time to knit and maybe even blog about it.  My kids will just have to fend for themselves while I rediscover my knitting life and try to minimize the pain in my foot.  Maybe I will bring them along in this journey if they will just cooperate and keep the yarn coming and the patience overflowing as they deal with this increasingly impatient Mom.  So welcome to my new knitting world, definitely crazy, at times frustrating, and constantly evolving as I navigate this new sidelined life, I never was a good cheerleader, this will certainly stretch me.


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