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A little Espresso with my Robin’s Egg

About a month ago, I came across a very unique shade of brown.  I did not buy it, pause a moment to appreciate my self-control, but I never forgot it.  While knitting the black and neon green dish cloth, towel, and swiffer cover, I thought of a lighter green I had seen somewhere but couldn’t remember where.  I found the light green, called Robin’s Egg.   As soon as I picked it up, with no self-control whatsoever, I knew I needed to go back to JoAnn’s and buy the brown yarn.  Nothing feels better than finding a reason to buy the yarn I so carefully reasoned myself out of buying.  I love the results, not sure who will benefit from this lovely combination, but I knew I had to see the two colors together.  The espresso  brown, compliments the mint green beautifully.


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Kitchen Nightmare

So I decided to start a mitered dish towel for my mom.  Not a good idea, while on painkillers.  I think I took out the same rows 2 or 3 times….it’s still a little foggy so my count could be off.  I think this is the slowest project I have knit in years…..focus Amy!!  Thankfully I am nearly done and might even surprise my mom with it, as a gift for their final walk through on their new home.  It was knit to celebrate her new choice in kitchen decor that I have to say, I love.  It’s about time she picked blue, my favorite color.  I do believe I still have nightmares about the 70’s orange kitchen of my childhood, fully equipped with orange Tupperware, orange-flowered wallpaper and I can’t recall but I am pretty sure the curtains were orange too.  My favorite room in the house, the color of the one fruit I don’t particularly like.  Now, after all these years,  I’m now 15 years married, my mom has finally come to her senses and picked the best color ever.  I am really looking forward to helping her decorate the kitchen….the rest of the house she is on her own, unless she wants a knit afghan.

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