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I am getting anxious.  My surgery is scheduled, in less than six weeks, I will be a right-below-the-knee amputee.  So much to do and all I can do is sit and knit at the moment.  I have most of my foot amputated at the moment and my stump is acting up.  I’m trying to avoid things that aggravate it but the weather is beautiful and being sedate is awful.  As I shout orders from my recliner, I am going to work on the dishcloths and hanging towels.  I like to have a stash of knits to give to people who stop by with meals or help us during my recovery from surgery.   Our to-do list seems long and I am realizing that priorities may need to shift as I cross things off our list or just drop some things from the list. So with my ice pack on my stump I will get back to my towel.  


My favorite summer washcloth pattern

Three Easy Washcloths
The hanging towel pattern

Hanging Towel


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Toe Up 

I decided to get Knit Picks Fancy Feet Anklets.  It is the first time I have tried toe up socks.  My first pair I used smaller needles and some yarn on hand to make a pair for my daughter.  I knew my daughter has smaller but thicker feet.  Now I am starting another pair on larger needles and Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn.   I really like how soft and stretchy the stroll yarn is versus Deborah Norville’s Serenity Sock Weight.  I do like the convenience of picking up serenity at JoAnn’s but the color and texture of stroll yarn is superior.  This has been my purely for pleasure distressing knitting, unlike the gifts I’m working on for family.  I don’t think I will ever tire of learning new techniques.  I even ordered, The Knitter’s Book of Socks.  Great book!  I originally saw it at my local yarn shop, but couldn’t afford to spend that much but when I was putting together my order on Knit Picks I couldn’t resist the 40% price tag.   I read through chapter after chapter breaking down socks right down to the fiber.  Love learning new details about my latest obsession.  It’s a good thing I sell enough to feed my knitting addiction!


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