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On and off

I’m knitting a paper chain. Yup. You read that right. The fun pattern, well it’s been fun so far, I may change my mind when I start seaming, anyways….the pattern is free.
I figure it will be my party chain, since I am finishing it post-Christmas. Here are some of my colors.

And I’ve made quite a few so far.

As you can see these knit up quick and are great for mindless knitting while watching a movie or curled up recovering from the flu.


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So I started this sock on our way back from Detroit last night. Because I knit in the dark for awhile, I decided to tear out most of what I did and start again. Much better now, no stray threads and nice even stitches….might need to work on my night knitting skills.


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I used to be really happy to knit socks two at a time, but with this pair I am rethinking this. Switching yarns every round is becoming tedious. I think I could finish both socks much faster if I just knit them one at a time….a theory I will test as soon as I finish this pair.


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I met a friend out with her family on a cold night. Her daughters mittens kept falling off, reminding me of the quick reflexes we develop as parents catching items left and right as our children drop everything they are wearing. I don’t know about the rest of you but as a mom of six I have caught more than I care to remember. Anyways, I told her I would whip up a pair of mittens for her toddler with the cord attached that keeps them from dropping completely off. So I plan on giving them to her tonight and I am almost done.

Here’s a link to the free pattern on Ravelry

The finished mittens


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The Finished Penguin

Finally done. Slightly annoyed, not the patterns fault my own. My knitting today is suffering from my distraction. So many stupid errors, so many rounds redone. I’m aching today and I really need to stick to simple patterns on days like today. Unfortunately my son needed the gift for tonight so I carried on. Now I can relax and return the hat I am knitting.


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A penguin

Time for the white elephant gift parties. I already sent off three high schoolers with knitting gifts, a beard, a newborn hat, and a knit bendy guy. We are hosting an exchange student from China and he was prepared, however, one of my boys’ friend was over and needed a gift. No worries, plenty of knit items to go around. By the end of the evening the boys gifts were snagged by the teen girls, and their leader who snagged the beard. Now it is my middle schooler’s turn and once again I pull out my patterns. So he wants an inside-out toy, an egg (or snowball) that turns into penguin. We already have one in our knit toy basket, and that one they want to keep around “for little kids who visit” (yet they are never in the basket where they belong). I’m good with that and like the chance to knit another….another excuse to spend time knitting rather than cleaning.


For those who may be curious about the patterns.
The penguin
The bendy guy (or sitster as the book calls him)
The beard.
The newborn hat.

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Manly twist

Manly twist has been renamed.
Sorry for any confusion.



Knitting in the dark 2

I actually knit 2 nights in a row without having to tear out my knitting. No major errors found! Now I have no excuse for making mistakes 🙂


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Knitting in the Dark

If you attempt this, I suggest you choose a very light yarn so what little light is emitting from, let’s say a bathroom door slightly ajar, can reflect off the yarn. Using an electronic device, such as an iPad is quite helpful too. Oh and be prepared to undo most of what you knit. If past experiences serve me right, I have had to tear out much of what I have knit in the dark…..but don’t be discouraged, I haven’t yet. So as you may guess I am venturing back in the dark, in hope, that what I knit can be repaired without having to remove the needle from all the stitches. Wish me luck!


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Tis the season to be….knitting?

I found a great pattern for the holidays. Quick knit cabled Christmas trees! I love them. The base of the tree is a wine cork (another reason to love them). So in the spirit of the season I think it’s time to pour a glass of wine and knit a tree.


Here’s the free pattern……

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