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Something different

I had another request for a newborn hat, specifically a sock monkey hat.  I myself hadn’t made one yet so I was excited to make something different. Upon looking at the dozens of hat patterns on Ravelry and realizing the best choice is to crochet one.  I haven’t crocheted something in a few months and due to crochet-trauma when I first attempted to knit booties I get nervous I will distort the pattern (one bootie fit my Aunt and the other was child size and neither was suitable for a baby)  I have recovered enough to crochet quite a bit, with occasional flare ups of insecurity. The hat turned out great, my customer seems pleased (she hasn’t seen the original yet just a photo) and I think I want to make my kids the hat minus the monkey face (teens can be funny about what they are willing to wear).  

Sock Monkey Hat



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Ninja Belts

Today, to inspire my youngest to sit down and finish their schoolwork, I promised them black belts.  I apparently am more motivated than they are to work, as I finished both belts before they could complete their work.  It did keep them plugging away while I knitted.  I was even able to throw in a few idle threats that lazy students might just get white belts instead.  My daughter is eagerly awaiting her belt (all dressed in black this morning) but steadily procrastinating at her school work.  Both belts sit freshly ironed in their view as they finish up the few pages left.  I have to say I enjoyed the fun  twist on knitting and school work this morning and look forward to however it is they want to use these ninja belts at the end of the day, or night depending on how long they drag this out.


For those interested in the pattern

size 11 needles, chunky yarn

casted on 8 stitches and knit in stockinette stitch until long enough, or like in my case, until you run out of yarn.

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It’s time to pull out my warm yarn and start making hats. We enrolled 3 more of my 6 kids in public school, leaving only 2 at home. The oldest 4 are having fun attending school and the youngest 2, love that they have mom to themselves. Now that I have 4 fewer kids to deal with I should be able to crank out some hats and scarves. School colors are a must, and I have a start, 4 skeins of the right shade of orange. I just need to get a lighter weight version with some black and orange yarn. The goal is to get them all set for games and races and all that comes with school. I am hoping I can crank out a couple shrugs for my daughter and niece for those school color days. Now, if I could just settle on a pattern I will start knitting.


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Time to Knit

I have decided to blog about my knitting.  Time to knit, to me is a big play on words.  I have six children, whom I home school, so finding time to knit can be difficult.   Right now I find I have too much time to knit.  A vascular tumor was found in my foot, and I have to keep it up until we can figure out how to treat it.  This has given me a lot more time to knit and maybe even blog about it.  My kids will just have to fend for themselves while I rediscover my knitting life and try to minimize the pain in my foot.  Maybe I will bring them along in this journey if they will just cooperate and keep the yarn coming and the patience overflowing as they deal with this increasingly impatient Mom.  So welcome to my new knitting world, definitely crazy, at times frustrating, and constantly evolving as I navigate this new sidelined life, I never was a good cheerleader, this will certainly stretch me.

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