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Leaving fall behind

For some reason I am not very good at knitting out of season, so for Thanksgiving I knitted fall leaves….on Thanksgiving. I suppose I could put them in my fall decor box (which I will promptly make after I post this), then I would be all set come fall next year. Maybe it is the moving, but I am pretty sure I knit my way through the holiday spirit, and with the moves this year, I’m a bit slow at it. I will have these leaves, until I make the big transition to snowflakes, due this weekend, since Thanksgiving was yesterday and Christmas decorating started the day after Halloween. How on earth am I going to keep track of my holiday knitting??? Everything is out-of-order and I feel like someone hit shuffle on my life, music is playing from all seasons and I have forgotten which end is up, or is the glass half full, or it will be Christmas before you know it??? I think I might be going insane, maybe I will just knit a blanket to wrap up in by the pool, since that is how long it will probably take me to finish it. I am now declaring it the year of chaos knitting, my knitting life will be on shuffle and I will just knit what I feel like it, when I feel like it, if the kids get mittens in the summer, oh well, a knit tank top in winter, just put a turtleneck under it. Enjoyable knitting will just have to come first.



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Breaking in the new house

Today, I broke in my new home with a full fledged, pull out the books, and projects, knitting/crochet party. My longtime friend brought along another great lady to make some crochet flowers. I had a lot of fun, teaching my new friend how to crochet flowers today. Came up with a new pattern too. Sort of a new pattern, a take off a flower on the hat of my new friend. I often forget how much I enjoy sharing my love of knitting and crochet with friends, until I have the opportunity to pass it along again. Now I have the overwhelming desire to start a new project but I really need to finish some of the the one I’ve already begun. This is something I think I will always struggle with, but for now I will enjoy the afterglow of knitting with friends. (crocheting really, but knitting rolls off the tongue so much more smoothly). I just hope that she’s hooked enough (pun fully intended) to visit again because I had fun.

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