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Busyness and Business

I haven’t posted in a few days because of how busy we have been. I did get a lot of knitting done. I have even come up with a new pattern, I just need to write the details down. Unfortunately the hat is just a pattern I modified to suit my needs so sadly the pattern will not be posted. The hat and and tie were made per the request from a photographer friend. I even whipped up a diaper cover but forgot to snap a picture before handing them off. I did get a picture of the hat and tie. I like designing for photographers as they usually have a good idea of what they are looking for and appreciate the behind-the-scene work involved. Hopefully I will get the diaper cover pattern written out too!





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So I was busy knitting

So I was busy knitting Friday, so busy I didn’t update my blog, and Saturday, well it was Valentines Day, enough said. So Friday I knit something very cool. A hat and tie for a newborn, special order from a photographer. I really like the results and I am glad I kept notes. Now I am going to add a matching diaper cover.
Here’s the adorable tie and hat




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Well, it looks like I will need to come up with more projects for after my surgery. In my eagerness to see the finished Sunshadow Tam pattern, just the tam but I am just about to cast-on the gloves. Looks like I need to make a trip to the yarn shop. I really should replace a couple needle tips that broke and maybe get a little knitting inspiration from the countless samples. I’m really horrible at this planning ahead for my knitting, I keep knitting everything I buy for the post-op recovery time. Maybe that should be my New Years resolution, better knitting planning skills? and learning more about photography so my knitting isn’t corrupted by my poor picture taking.
The Tam



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Return of the Baby Hats

A wedding started the resurge of baby hats. I suppose that sounds strange. My basket has been full of baby hats all winter. I’m not quite up to walking the distance to the baby floor of the hospital I spent a month in last summer so I lost interest in knitting them for awhile. Until the wedding.
The wedding was planned for last Saturday, and I had the pleasure of seeing the bride, her mother and her bridesmaids prepare for the wedding. What fun it was to be a part of the preparation, even if it was just my basement, staircase, and the toddlers we had fun keeping an eye on. The baby hats came into play when the photographer was looking for good lighting to photograph the rings. My knitting is a very visible thing in my home. Baskets of yarn, half-begun projects, finished projects and needles adorn my home. A few questions later and my finished collection of baby items were strewn across my coffee table.
A couple of my hats and a baby blanket were sold. There was even mentioned interest in more purchases. My mind is now churning out ideas faster than I can knit. I’m excited about the baby hats again.
The variety of styles are leaping off my needles. I even ordered more needles and yarn so I can keep churning out the projects. I needed this distraction as I have had frustrating news about my stump. Now I can bury myself in yarn and projects so I will not worry and fret over something of which I have no control. The MRI is a week away and I am so excited about all the patterns I can distract myself with. Happy knitting people!



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