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Getting colder…..must knit….

My house has this drafty feel to it. I’m freezing! This is not a terrible thing because it has sent my brain into overdrive about all things knitting. Projects are flying through my fingers as the list in my head grows with potential projects. Is it too late to knit some bats for Halloween? Or to knit an extra costume, just in case? I am always behind on holiday knitting. I just can’t think of knitting something out of season. Oh well, I guess we will be better prepared for next year.

Here’s a really fun pattern that I can’t wait to try….


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Time to get physical….therapy.

What a work out just crutching around my living room for an hour.  I can’t even say that I was on my foot and stump the whole hour.  Now that I am exhausted, it’s time for MY physical therapy….time to pull out the knitting.  I know I am getting better as I wobble further each day and overwhelm myself with knitting ideas, projects, books and magazines.  Something will come of this….hopefully actually finished projects and eventually a 5k run on my new foot.  In the mean time I will prop my foot up, try to stop sweating and keep knitting so I can do that next project that I want to do so badly…which was this project yesterday….what a bad habit.  Time to weave in some ends, knit some rows and catch up on my knitting reading.  I hope tomorrow is quieter and calmer than today, I’m exhausted!

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Ninja Belts

Today, to inspire my youngest to sit down and finish their schoolwork, I promised them black belts.  I apparently am more motivated than they are to work, as I finished both belts before they could complete their work.  It did keep them plugging away while I knitted.  I was even able to throw in a few idle threats that lazy students might just get white belts instead.  My daughter is eagerly awaiting her belt (all dressed in black this morning) but steadily procrastinating at her school work.  Both belts sit freshly ironed in their view as they finish up the few pages left.  I have to say I enjoyed the fun  twist on knitting and school work this morning and look forward to however it is they want to use these ninja belts at the end of the day, or night depending on how long they drag this out.


For those interested in the pattern

size 11 needles, chunky yarn

casted on 8 stitches and knit in stockinette stitch until long enough, or like in my case, until you run out of yarn.

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