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Drugged knitting

So I’m having surgery today (total hysterectomy), and of course my knitting will be tagging along which means I will again embark on my drugged knitting adventure. Knitting soothes me so I always reach for it when I. Head to the hospital, whether I’m visiting someone or whether I am the patient, but being the patient makes the knitting turn out a little more interesting or not at all. Most times I have knit right through pre-op and hopefully today will not be different. It is the after surgery that makes the knitting particularly “special”.
I plan on bringing simple projects to keep me busy and distract me when necessary but rarely do things go as planned so wish me luck, say a prayer and forgive if I don’t post for a while.



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What a day!

I had an early start today. It’s cold and I needed to be at the amputee clinic by 9:50 AM. I thought I left plenty early but had to park at a McDonalds because my minivan had steam coming from the hood. The gauge didn’t show that my engine was hot but given that it was in the single digits this morning that doesn’t surprise me. I was really regretting not finishing my knitting project sooner, I really could have used the gloves. Fortunately, my sister had a spare pair I borrowed when she brought my youngest three children to get me to my appointment on time. So much for sparing them the cold boring trip. We made it on time, sliding a little here and there.
Now for the exciting news, well, exciting to me….my Dr gave me all the information I needed to get the ball rolling on my next amputation. Hopefully, by the end of summer I will be ready to have a mid-calf amputation on my right leg. This will open doors for me, not literally, but I will get to run around with my kids again! I will call my surgeon just as soon as I am on the mend from my total hysterectomy scheduled less than two weeks away. After what seems like a slow healing process since most of my foot was amputated, it feels great to have a plan and have more control over the situation.
So now that I have a plan, I will start on the next most important thing–my fingerless gloves so I am not caught in the cold without them!

Oh yeah the minivan….I’ll let my husband handle that, I still have AWANA to get through tonight, as secretary they really keep me on my toes (with only five toes that can be exhausting!)

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