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Flying needles

I would like to think this refers to how fast I knit but it might refer to knitting-while-medicated.  My stage 1 procedure was completed last Tuesday.  It went so well, the Dr. thinks I may not need another procedure for a long time.  I will know for sure by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.   This “4th of July” stuff is inhibiting the flow of information.  Either way, today is a better day, because so far today, I am crutch free, painfully walking, but crutch free.  Can you hear the shouts of joy???  Probably not, because as I mentioned before in an earlier post, I am not a very good cheerleader (not just an opinion, a fact, unfortunately recorded forever in yearbook memories, oh well, it coincided with braces so maybe no one will recognize me).

But I digress, back to the knitting, in my highly medicated state I did manage to bust out a bunch of knitting, 2 baby cocoons, another diaper, another couple of hats, finished the hood of the wallaby.  Maybe I should be hospitalized more often.


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Almost done

My son has been patiently waiting for me to finish his wonderful wallaby. Of course, he would call it a hoodie, but just so no one is mistaken, it’s the wonderful Wallaby pattern I used. Now that summer is here, I am almost finished. Perfect timing, huh?? Oh the life of an overwhelmed knitter, so many projects, so much yarn, why have only one project going at a time. So while I knit up baby items for photographer friend, I will plug away at this hooded sweater that could always be given to his younger brother if I forget to finish it.

The Wonderful Wallaby

The unfinished Wonderful Wallaby!

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