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I am keeping up my tradition of belated knitting.  I finished a fall leaf dishcloth today.  I might start my Christmas knitting soon and will probably finish in February just in time to start some hats and mittens for my kids.  Why I can’t knit in preparation is beyond me.  I really should plan ahead.  Oh well. 

At least it’s a pretty leaf.

For those of you interested here is the Leaf pattern.


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On and off

I’m knitting a paper chain. Yup. You read that right. The fun pattern, well it’s been fun so far, I may change my mind when I start seaming, anyways….the pattern is free.
I figure it will be my party chain, since I am finishing it post-Christmas. Here are some of my colors.

And I’ve made quite a few so far.

As you can see these knit up quick and are great for mindless knitting while watching a movie or curled up recovering from the flu.

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Endless Gift Lists from a Wannabee Santa

I finished some, but had to start more. I am not sure if I love this time of year when it comes to knitting or not. I love looking at potential projects. I love thinking of ways to use my piles of yarn. I am just not sure if I enjoy the pressure to finish…..or the procrastinating that inevitably leads up to the time to wrap. I like new patterns. Christmas is the best time of year to pull out a wide variety of projects, but I am thinking there should be a special hand-knit Christmas in January for those of us whose list of to-knit items far out way the days left until Christmas….maybe I can keep the stockings up for an extra month and keep sticking items in them as I finally finish them. Who am I kidding, I will probably love the stress free knitting I will pick of projects left and right, giving them away as I go, regardless of who they were originally intended for. God must have a much better picture and I will just trust they fall in the right hands, or in some cases on the right feet or head. I will just have to take my knitting in stride and enjoy what I accomplish and somehow delete the list in my head of must-knit projects.

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Knitting in Circles

This is the time of year when all my knitting dreams are crashing down a funnel, only a few may make it. If only I had taken more time to finish my endless list of dreamed knitted gifts. Now I just need to finish this small stack, before I start that next project that is screaming at me from the shelves. Not sure how I will resist the urge to start that REALLY quick cast-on gift must-have. Those cute little knit stocking-stuffer ideas, I have tons of ideas, just not enough fingers. What makes it worse is that I am sitting here thinking about it instead of just knitting. What an overwhelming time of year, so much to do so little time. The weather makes me want to sit by the fire and knit but my seemingly endless list of to-do’s makes me want to run to the store. As if I need more yarn, or notions. I need to go find a movie and sit and knit. Now, before time runs out and there’s no knitted gifts under the tree.

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Leaving fall behind

For some reason I am not very good at knitting out of season, so for Thanksgiving I knitted fall leaves….on Thanksgiving. I suppose I could put them in my fall decor box (which I will promptly make after I post this), then I would be all set come fall next year. Maybe it is the moving, but I am pretty sure I knit my way through the holiday spirit, and with the moves this year, I’m a bit slow at it. I will have these leaves, until I make the big transition to snowflakes, due this weekend, since Thanksgiving was yesterday and Christmas decorating started the day after Halloween. How on earth am I going to keep track of my holiday knitting??? Everything is out-of-order and I feel like someone hit shuffle on my life, music is playing from all seasons and I have forgotten which end is up, or is the glass half full, or it will be Christmas before you know it??? I think I might be going insane, maybe I will just knit a blanket to wrap up in by the pool, since that is how long it will probably take me to finish it. I am now declaring it the year of chaos knitting, my knitting life will be on shuffle and I will just knit what I feel like it, when I feel like it, if the kids get mittens in the summer, oh well, a knit tank top in winter, just put a turtleneck under it. Enjoyable knitting will just have to come first.


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