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I have to admit something.  I haven’t posted in awhile because I haven’t knitted much lately, simply because I am too tired most days to knit.  This road to recovery is a slow bumpy road.  Small setbacks, sore muscles, fitting my prosthetic–all things that have made this a difficult time to write without depressing rants….I will try to keep this depressing rant short.  I am still around working on a pair of socks and a hat, it’s just slow going at the moment.  Today is a beautiful snow day and I get to knit and enjoy a movie, and update my blog.  I will enjoy today, even if I had to cancel my last rehab appointment.  Only one more to go then a home program and later I will return to therapy to get running again.  Now I just need to light my fire, pick up my knitting and enjoy my movie.

If only I had to sets of hands to speed up my knitting 🙂  


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Time to Knit

I’m running out of time to knit most days. I guess that’s not so bad there are days I have more than enough time.  This time of physical therapy is a roller coaster ride of rest and activity.  The therapy drains me and makes me sore, forcing me to rest, which frees up my time so I can knit.  No matter what, I stay busy.  Socks are on my needles, baby hats, my sock blanket and that baby blanket I keep forgetting about. I should get started on some Christmas gifts the next time my feet are up.  I’m really liking this jewelry pattern I found….


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I haven’t been on in awhile as I have begun physical therapy.   Learning to walk with a prosthetic is hard work.  Well, today was the first time in a long time (I can’t even remember the last time) that I didn’t bring any knitting, and it’s the first time I showed up an hour early for my appointment.  So on this very busy day I have an hour with nothing to do so I am updating the blog with no knitting.  How pitiful.  

At least I’ll post a picture of my current leg that I have shrunk out of, new leg soon, I hope!


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Time to get physical….therapy.

What a work out just crutching around my living room for an hour.  I can’t even say that I was on my foot and stump the whole hour.  Now that I am exhausted, it’s time for MY physical therapy….time to pull out the knitting.  I know I am getting better as I wobble further each day and overwhelm myself with knitting ideas, projects, books and magazines.  Something will come of this….hopefully actually finished projects and eventually a 5k run on my new foot.  In the mean time I will prop my foot up, try to stop sweating and keep knitting so I can do that next project that I want to do so badly…which was this project yesterday….what a bad habit.  Time to weave in some ends, knit some rows and catch up on my knitting reading.  I hope tomorrow is quieter and calmer than today, I’m exhausted!

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