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Getting colder…..must knit….

My house has this drafty feel to it. I’m freezing! This is not a terrible thing because it has sent my brain into overdrive about all things knitting. Projects are flying through my fingers as the list in my head grows with potential projects. Is it too late to knit some bats for Halloween? Or to knit an extra costume, just in case? I am always behind on holiday knitting. I just can’t think of knitting something out of season. Oh well, I guess we will be better prepared for next year.

Here’s a really fun pattern that I can’t wait to try….


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Time to curl up with my knitting

The weather has turned bitterly cold, and no matter how much my mind is telling me too, I can’t find the urge to knit the kids some mittens. Scarves, sweaters, hats and ponchos roll off the needles, but with six kids, how can I commit to so many mittens. I’ll admit it’s the thumbs and the fear that I won’t make them match. I’ve made mittens. I know how to make them. I still can’t make myself start. I have even sorted through my stash looking for the perfect yarn, only to be distracted by a much more perfect project. Scarves are sooo much easier and as I check the length, I can keep my neck warm. I can’t knit with mittens on, so they really can’t warm me as I work. Afghans cover my lap and warm me, for that matter, sweaters do too. I think I should just plan on knitting the mittens in the summer, as I sit in my air conditioning, right? I am looking for and have found any excuse not to knit them. If and when I ever do get around to it, I hope my kids appreciate the monumental effort it took.

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Endless Gift Lists from a Wannabee Santa

I finished some, but had to start more. I am not sure if I love this time of year when it comes to knitting or not. I love looking at potential projects. I love thinking of ways to use my piles of yarn. I am just not sure if I enjoy the pressure to finish…..or the procrastinating that inevitably leads up to the time to wrap. I like new patterns. Christmas is the best time of year to pull out a wide variety of projects, but I am thinking there should be a special hand-knit Christmas in January for those of us whose list of to-knit items far out way the days left until Christmas….maybe I can keep the stockings up for an extra month and keep sticking items in them as I finally finish them. Who am I kidding, I will probably love the stress free knitting I will pick of projects left and right, giving them away as I go, regardless of who they were originally intended for. God must have a much better picture and I will just trust they fall in the right hands, or in some cases on the right feet or head. I will just have to take my knitting in stride and enjoy what I accomplish and somehow delete the list in my head of must-knit projects.

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Breaking in the new house

Today, I broke in my new home with a full fledged, pull out the books, and projects, knitting/crochet party. My longtime friend brought along another great lady to make some crochet flowers. I had a lot of fun, teaching my new friend how to crochet flowers today. Came up with a new pattern too. Sort of a new pattern, a take off a flower on the hat of my new friend. I often forget how much I enjoy sharing my love of knitting and crochet with friends, until I have the opportunity to pass it along again. Now I have the overwhelming desire to start a new project but I really need to finish some of the the one I’ve already begun. This is something I think I will always struggle with, but for now I will enjoy the afterglow of knitting with friends. (crocheting really, but knitting rolls off the tongue so much more smoothly). I just hope that she’s hooked enough (pun fully intended) to visit again because I had fun.

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