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Shanghai, China

Chinese woman knitting, in Shanghai, China.

This is one of my favorite photos taken while we were living in Shanghai. I hope to be as interested in knitting, late in life, as I am now. If you keep your eyes open in Shanghai, the number of older women knitting , is quite amazing. It has inspired me to make use of any spare time to work on a project. These women would sit or walk about with the thinnest double-pointed needles sticking out of an intricate sweater or sleeve. It seemed to be an extension of their arms not an inconvenience at all. I hope to knit so smoothly that others do not even notice I am, maybe then I can get away with knitting in Church, at ball games, maybe even while shopping. My knitting does seem to calm me and help me concentrate, allow my body to move and my head to listen. Sometimes it is difficult to just sit still but as long as my fingers are stabbing at the yarn, my mind is settled to absorb. I do plan to have a happier expression on my face while I knit, maybe she lost count of her stitches, or is just annoyed at the foreigners snapping her picture.


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